Ignite lakeland 2015 Strategic Vision Plan for Downtown


The day has come and we are excited to share the Ignite Lakeland 2015 Strategic Vision Plan for Downtown. This all started as a grassroots discussion regarding the future of Downtown Lakeland, which grew into a phased visioning process and ultimately resulted in our attached vision plan. This has truly been a community-wide endeavor and we appreciate everyone’s time, energy, and input into this worthwhile cause of making Downtown Lakeland the very best it can be.

Please join us as we present the vision from Ignite Lakeland to our City Commission. We will be presenting on April 20th at 1:00 PM at City Hall, in the commission chambers on the 3rd floor.

We need all our fellow Igniters to attend the presentation and show our City leaders all the community support behind Ignite’s endeavor.

We also recognize that visioning is an ongoing journey and never a destination, so please continue to share your ideas with us. More input is always welcome, as we strive to achieve the ultimate vision for Downtown: the never ending pursuit of a vibrant urban core that provides endless opportunities to be surprised and delighted as we live, work and play in Downtown.

Look forward to your feedback and continued support!



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